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The purpose of this determination is to establish which direction the projectile went through the glass. The first step in this method is to find radial fractures that are within the first the glass essay analysis fracture, the glass essay analysis. Radial fractures are similar to the spokes of a wheel.

Concentric fractures connect the radial fractures in a pattern similar to a spider web. The next step is to figure out which side of the fragment was facing in and which side was facing out. Contaminants or residues from the inside surface will feel different than the outside surface and are helpful in determining the sides.

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Once the technician finds radial fracture and determines which side of the glass faced where, they must look at the broken edge of the glass. When a projectile strikes glass, it creates ridges called conchoidal fractures along the edge that are visible in profile.

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These conchoidal fractures are nearly parallel to the side in which force was applied the direction which the projectile came from. The side of the glass opposite of the force is the rear of the glass; this is the side of the glass in which the glass essay analysis conchoidal fractures lie at right angles. Glass fragments at a crime scene should always be collected and analyzed because several clues can be gathered about the events that occurred during the crime, the glass essay analysis.

Fragments of glass from headlights at a hit-and-run scene can leave clues about the unknown vehicle. But rather than repudiating older, more established ways of reading, Sea and Spar Between asks the reader to conceive of reading in the twenty-first century as a heterogeneous activity that encompasses a variety of skills, concentrations, and demands. That reading is not a monolithic process seems obvious. Yet when it comes to approaching literary texts, reading is almost always and not surprisingly defined as a slow and painstaking endeavor.

By contrast, most electronic media… make fewer demands on their audiences….

Even interactive electronic media… foster shorter attention spans and accelerated gratification. In short, Sea and Spar Between suggests that the long poem in the digital age has to make room for shifting kinds of attention, slow and fast, near and far. If we are to ponder the fate of reading and of reading the long poem at the beginning of this new century, at this interstice between print and digital textual cultures, we would do no better than to explore the sublime permutations of Sea and Spar Between.

Where then is the drama in this long poem? The drama of feeling is constantly deflated or displaced. When Law left I felt so bad I thought I would die. This is not uncommon. I took up the practice of meditation. Each morning I sat on the floor in front of my sofa and chanted bits of old Latin prayers. De profundis clamavi ad te Domine. Each morning a vision came to me. Gradually I understood that these were naked glimpses of my soul. I called them Nudes. Nude 1.

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Woman alone on a hill. She stands into the wind. It is a hard wind slanting from the north. It pains me to record this,. I am not a melodramatic person. Here, art is not just a product of empire, it is a way of maintaining empire itself. For example, is this a problem representational or narrative art itself creates, or is it a problem that arises in the specific instance where empire meets representational art? Here she finally presents the jerboa of the title: a pin-thin, tidy little desert rat whose two real skills in life are a being able to jump exceptionally well and b being able to disappear into its environment.

As Moore writes in the opening to her second section:. Africanus meant The conqueror sent From Rome. These are images that we worship, desire, cultivate and abuse, but they are often the only way through which we can express our more abstract longings. Moore is no better than the Romans she critiques in this regard: as they have made representations of peacocks and pine-cones to reflect and be dominated by their aesthetic and political interests, so too has Moore loaded down the simple jerboa with her own yearnings for the freedom she assumes that simplicity, natural skill and invisibility will provide.

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We may applaud the simplicity of the jerboa, but the language that Moore uses to describe it is as ornate as anything the Romans contrived as toys for themselves. The poem cascades through multiple pages, but its lines are almost ruthlessly short:. Niedecker declares:. What triumphs is the act of thinking, which becomes inseparable from the floodscape where it takes place.

The poem concludes:. There are few good poems in terza rima in English and there are perhaps even fewer good poems about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center of September It is impossibly good. Dante had an easier time achieving the rhyme in the vernacular Italian, for sure. Less than years ago, ten thousand captured American men died unimaginable slow and torturous deaths just off the Manhattan coast in Wallabout Bay where they were imprisoned in the holds of the ships there.

When they were sufficiently dead, their bodies were thrown overboard, a few washing up on the shores where they were retrieved and could be buried properly. Martin does not try to describe this.

Rather, he faces the cold fact of our having forgotten our dead: four times the number of dead from the World Trade Center attacks. Four times. Imagine forgetting this kind of human terror. Oblivion is both the salve and the festering wound, the drug that soothes and at the same time destroys. How to do solve word problems How to do solve word problems business plan for existing business pdf possible visual rhetoric essay topics math homework 3rd grade 1 to 6.

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