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Some readers would only skim at an article and leave for another article, especially when uninterested with the topic at hand. The word count for novels which readers would definitely be interested in would be over 40, words.

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The average length would depend on the genre of the novel. For instance, a romance novel would range from 50, to 90, words. A science fiction novel, on the other hand, would range from 90, to , words. Why is there a word limit for novels?

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This is because readers have a certain expectation as to the what they are going to read. For readers of fantasy novels, for instance, they will expect a longer word count because they are more than willing to immerse themselves in a new and unknown world. Readers of romance novels, on the other hand, would like to delve themselves in the lives of two people, hence the length of the story.

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Overall, since the readers are the clients of the article or novel, their interests should be taken into consideration. Word count is also essential in academic papers.

Most professors require that the written outputs that you are going to pass should contain a certain number of words, say between 2, to 3, words. This sometimes causes stress to students, especially those who find writing a challenge.

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In many cases, others would worry more about the length of the academic paper than the content itself. But why set word limits? There are varied reasons why academic papers come with a limit in terms of the number of words. One of which is to gauge how well your communication skills are given the set of amount of words to do. By continuously practicing writing while employing word count, you unconsciously develop your writing and communication skills without a doubt. Another apparent reason why a word count is necessary for academic papers is for fairness.

Limiting an academic paper into a set of words would put the different documents passed on the same scale. Also, the professor will not find it difficult to check your papers. In addition to this, you should note that academic papers are straightforward. They do not go around the bush. By counting the number of your words, you ensure that you go straight to the point.

This would make your paper concise yet substantial, as any academic paper would. For academic papers with abstracts, a word paragraph would already suffice.

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Going overboard would only bore the research readers in reading such abstract. As mentioned earlier, word count is essential in academic writing and novel writing, each with their own reasons. Of course. More and more people are turning to the internet for information about a lot of stuff — whether about science, lifestyle, beauty, or culture, among others. For most website owners, they have to ensure that people read the content that they are making.

And this involves ensuring that these articles are SEO-ready so that they could rank well in search engines like Google. But what is not thoroughly known by a people is that even word count could also help the articles rank.

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There is no direct effect of word count in ranking above your competition. However, it is a common knowledge that longer pieces would often outshine articles with shorter lengths. This is because people assume that articles with higher word count have a higher authority and engagement, and in turn, success. Hence, they will click these articles rather than the shorter ones.

Furthermore, longer content which consists of at least a thousand words tends to allow websites to show up in search results. At present, more and more content writers are advocating for substance rather than the number of words. This is because such articles which contain relevant information are more beneficial to them. But that reason does not imply that we lessen the number of words in our articles. For SEO articles, considering the word count still matters as the content.

Hence, make sure that there is a balance between these two factors. In a specific number of words, you should have discussed all the essential things that you want your reader to know. You should have also included the tips and tricks to make your article more SEO-friendly. These include placing links, ensuring the keyword density, and increasing the readability levels. Once you are done, make sure that the word count is not thin.

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Thin content could end up being flagged and would not rank as highly in search engines. The answer really depends on the nature of your article. If you want to have an optimal word count, the average number of words would be to words. However, you could opt for articles which are at least 1, Articles less than are considered as thin. Whatever your purpose be when writing — to entertain, to persuade, or to inform — you should consider the length of your article.

Also, you will have a better chance at ranking in various search engines.

So go ahead, count your words with our free word counter above. Online Word Counter Tool. The word count, character count with and without spaces , and paragraph count will be shown above and in the sidebar. Word Counter Tool Features Our word counter is fast, free, and can count tens of thousands of words with ease. Unlimited word count, character count, and paragraph counts. This is where an extra pair of eyes can be extremely helpful; someone else can look at your essay and give you an objective point of view about which details are truly necessary and which ones can be left on the cutting room floor.

They really do want to get to know you well, but they only have so much capacity, so they need their applicants to communicate their stories as efficiently as possible. The movie was right-sized for the story it told.

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Your admissions essays and personal statements will work in much the same way. Again, having excellent content does not allow you to flagrantly disregard word limits. A shorter essay can also be great, and so can a longer one, but one that is too long risks boring or annoying tired application readers. Yes, they read enough essays every year that they can tell whether you went over the word limit just by looking at the essay on the page or, increasingly, on the screen. We're open - Call now to speak to an academic advisor: We're open -- Call Now.

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